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Since 1950 we've made enough plastic to cover every inch of the u.k. to well over head height. 

Of all that plastic only 9% has been recycled. a whopping 79% has ended up in landfills or the natural environment.

About half of all plastics produced between 1950-2015 were made since 2002. If this continues, the equivalent weight of 66 million blue whales worth of waste will be in landfills or the natural environment by 2050. 

Some scary truth

Off Hawaii, a single eight-minute tow of an NOAA team's net yields a plethora of living organisms (left) and plastic (right).

They didn't expect so much plastic. One of the first baby fish they dissected had plastic in its gut.

If a newborn fish eats microplastic, it's not consuming the calories it needs to survive. It may not get another shot. The odds against young fish are long enough already.

Images: National Geographic


Dan's plastic free tips

  1. As a musician you have a lot of wires that you have to tidy and wind up. If you HAVE to use zip ties, make sure you buy re-usable ones. They last as long as you need them and are useful for so many things.

  2. Wherever you travel, ALWAYS have your refillable water bottle. It'll save you a load of money and more importantly you'll sleep easy knowing you haven't sent any plastic on a one way trip to the ocean.

  3. GET THAT SINGLE USE COFFEE CUP OUTTA MY FACE, MAN! Pick yourself up one of the millions of awesome re-usable coffee cups that are available and not only enjoy good Karma but discounts on your coffee too. WIN, WIN!

  4. FASHION CAN SUCK IT. Well, fair enough, you want to look good. You should follow my friend Holly Rose, (Instagram: who is an environmentalist, blogger and writer who knows all about how to make your day to day life eco friendly. Another awesome trailblazer is Ripple (Instagram: @ripple_living). Also, second hand, recycled and eco-friendly clothing is cool, simple as that. 

  5. When shopping try to do it in a real life store with human beings and bring your own bags. 

  6. If you have the space why not grow your own veg! Not only does it taste amazing but getting down and dirty and nurturing life feels awesome.

  7. I see so many people at fuel stations using the plastic gloves to use the pumps. Unless the fuel reacts with your skin, STOP.

  8. Why not join some like minded people in your area and be part of a community like the awesome people at Beach Guardian. An individual action multiplied by millions, creates global change.



Marine biologist &

co-founder of

Beach Guardian







When talking about the health of our planet it's always important to make sure you have your facts right. It's great to talk to people who know more than you to make sure you can take effective, informed action. With this in mind I spoke to Emily Stevenson, Marine Biologist and co-founder of the Beach Guardian community.

Remember, an individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change. 

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Beach Guardian

Eco & Sustainable shopping

My friend really knows her stuff when it comes to shopping and living responsibly. Check out the best places, highly recommended over at Leotie Lovely. 

there's more out there
There's more

Kid's toys

There are companies that make awesome kid's toys from completely recycled materials! And I know what you're thinking but they're COOL! Check out Green Toys.


Lamazuna is a leading zero waste cosmetics company founded in 2010. They also donate a percentage of profits to tree planting initiatives across France and the Peruvian Amazon as well as to the great Surfrider Foundation.

Sea change festival

You can even festival responsibly! There's change happening everywhere and one of those places is at Sea Change Festival.


It used to be that style was compromised when looking at eco friendly and sustainable clothing, NO MORE. Allbirds make footwear that doesn't make the Earth cry.

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